ResourcesThroughout the course I’ll be giving you a variety of tools, checklists and resources to help you on your path to becoming a successful trader. And to makes things easy, I’ve listed them all here so you can have direct access as and when you need them. Plus I’ve added some additional resources that you might find useful…

NEW: Bonus Training Session!

NEW! This is a brand new, standalone training session, called Snipers’ Sandwich Signal. It’s a great little way to unlock a fast flow of ‘next level’ entry signals in every market.

Just click on the video below to view it:

You can also download the slides here for this video here.


No one could ever say we’re short of Forex brokers and spread bet providers to choose from. There are literally hundreds of them out there!

Some firms are more trustworthy than others of course, but that’s just the same in any industry. You’re always going to get your straight-shooters and you’ll always get the rogues who operate in murkier waters!

If you stick to one of the ‘big names’ in the industry you can’t go far wrong. If they have a presence here in the UK they should be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and that’s one thing you might like to check before you deposit any funds with a firm. Here are two of my favourite brokers…

Website: ETX Capital

Course Resources

Make sure you complete the relevant lesson in the course before using the resources below. In the course videos I explain why these will be valuable tools for your day to day trading and how to use them.

FXBA results sheet – blank template – click here
FXBA core strategy checklist – click here
FXBA position size calculator – click here
FXBA 60min strategy checklist – click here

Course Slides

Here are the slides from the videos which cover all the theory (please note – note all video lesson contained slides). You can download these and study them alongside the videos or print them out out so that you can make notes on them.

1_how to profit
2_background and overview
3_basics of successful trading
4_keeping the scales tipped in your favour
5_Three cornerstones intro
6_Cornerstone1 Mind
7_Cornerstone2 Money
8_Cornerstone3 Method
9_what to trade
11_forex spread bet brokers
12_Monthly opening ranges
14_MOR and control combined
15_major trendlines
16_counter trend lines
18_finding support and resistance
23_exit losing trades intro
24_initial stop loss placement
25_trailing Stop Loss Strategy
26_exit winning trades intro
27_using trendlines as profit targets
28_Using support and resistance as profit targets
29_using fib retracements as profit targets
30_using fib extensions as profit targets
31_using gann eighths as profit targets
32_daily battle plan
34_Keeping Good Trading Records
35_core strategy
38_position sizing
39_optional 60min
40_build positions
41_build positions

Other Useful Resources

Eleven Immortal Trading Books You’ll Refer to Time and Time Again – click here

The Forex Survival Pack – click here