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    Kev Case

    Hi Guys

    I don’t know if anyone else uses text boxes? I am and have found they are very good for understanding what all your lines are on your screen.

    Very easy to use: go to insert, then text, you then get a text box, which you drag to the position you want it with your mouse. Once in position you have a text box open where you type in the info you want. You can change the size and colour of the text, very easy and helpful.

    I have included a screen shot, which also shows a couple of other bits of software I use, which are Harmonic Wave Trader, which automatically shows Fib levels when hit and Extreme Trader, which colour codes the candles for the amount of activity in that time frame. Blue = low, green = medium and red = high.

    Hope you find it useful

    All the best

    Kev Case

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    Rich FittonRich Fitton

    Hi Kev, thanks for sharing. Labelling your chart objects with text can definitely help keep your things well organised.

    Vincent Kellett

    Another way to label Horizontal Lines of S&R with nos of hits etc.  Right Click on Screen. Go to “Properties” (at the bottom). Select “Common”. Select “Show Object Descriptions”. These will be out of the way on the left hand side of the Chart. You need to Input Info on  the Line by Selecting in usual way. Go to “common” and fill in Description Line. It works on all Objects.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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