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    Sue Schlaiffer

    The charts showed a bullish engulfing candle at 19:55 pm after a MA crossover above the DOR. I found a good example of a strong buy stop signal and I would have placed the buy stop order at 1 PIP above the high of the candle at 2.14965

    The MA crosses over in the DOR range initially and there was a potential sell opportunity at 99.651. Sell stop to be ordered at 99.661 1 PIP below the bearish candle low.
    However, there was another opportunity for a sell stop at 14:10 pm on a bearish candle low of 99.491 with sell stop 1 PIP below at 99.492

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    Rich FittonRich Fitton

    Hi Susan, looking good. Just wait ’til you’re spotting them in real-time too!

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