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    Saki Choudhury

    Hope I got this right! As at the end of 1 September 2017:-

    €/$ – Bears have control

    £/$ – Bulls have control


    Rich FittonRich Fitton

    Have you got some charts to post up, Saki? Just so we can see your analysis.

    Paste them up over on the Facebook group page (if you have a FB account) and I’ll take a look.

    Saki Choudhury

    Seems like ages ago I looked at this!!

    I will probably go through the whole course again on holiday!

    Ok, attached are both charts, and I think I looked at who had control in relation to 1st September at the end of the day.

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    Stephen Morris

    Hi everyone

    For Exercise 2, My look at September 2017 showed the following:

    EURUSD September MOR range is 1.18061 – 1.19355 (approx.). Most trading in September was within the MOR range and there was no clear ‘Control’ until the last few days of the month when sellers were in control. Therefore I would have not traded in this period for this market.

    GBPUSD September MOR range is 1.29150 – 1.29900 (approx.). Most trading in September was significantly above the MOR and control was with the buyers for most of the month.  Therefore this month had a strong buy bias.



    Rich FittonRich Fitton

    Well considered analysis, Steve.

    Post up the Facebook group if you can – we moved the forum over there.

    (Or if you don’t have a FB account just drop me an email to let me know you’ve posted up an assignment here and I’ll nip in to take a look.)

    All the best,

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