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Rich FittonRich Fitton

Hi Robin,

Try double-clicking on the line first (to get the little white boxes at the ends) and then right-click on it to get the drop-down list of options. If you still have trouble, right click on the chart and choose ‘objects list’. You’ll see a list of all the lines associated to that chart and you can choose the one you want to work with from the list.

To add a screenshot of your ETX chart:

1) Take a screenshot – you can use the ‘print screen’ feature built into windows and paste the image into a program like Paint. Or you can use a program like Skitch (see above for link).

2) Save the image (File > Save in either Paint or Skitch)

3) Attach the image file to your forum post by using the ‘choose file’ button you’ll see below the typing space.