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George Charilaou

Hi Rich


Have recently completed the course and really happy with the material. I have some experience with trading on and off for quite some time with mixed results, but as a fit I feel very encouraged by your course.

Had my first nibble today and was fairly happy with the trade even though I had a 20 point loss at £1 per point..

It was EUR/JPY short entry on a 15 min engulfing candle just below the DOR. Unfortunately got stopped out at around the time the market fell at 1.30pm following the US data.

A wider stop perhaps on the other side of the DOR may have been better for this trade. I am using CMC rather than meta-trader so posting a picture is slightly problematic for me right now.

Will continue and post how I get on.. I am in business and am lucky that I can access the markets, though I can’t spend too much time continuously watching the screen. I am happy to find no more than 1 trade a day if possible.



kind regards to all, and good luck in your trading

Rich, thanks for the great information & course