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Steve Lee Lee

Hi Chris

Try this as an exercise: put a horizontal line on the chart. Next, double-click on your mouse and look at each end of the line. You should see a tiny square box at both ends. When those boxes are there, you have the facility to move the line. You may be accidentally clicking on the line to enable those little squares to appear and then unwittingly moving the line. Your problem could also be to do with the rectangle. Let me explain…

As to the rectangle a similar principle applies. If you double-click at a corner of the rectangle, little squares should appear to enable sizing of the rectangle. However, if you have placed the rectangle neatly within two horizontal lines, it’s easy to think you’re clicking on the rectangle but in fact you’re enabling the little squares at the ends of the horizontal lines and therefore they move when you don’t want them to. As to getting the rectangle to cover the month, do the following:

1. Put your rectangle on the chart

2. Above the toolbar on the chart go to ‘Charts’, and on the drop down menu go to, ‘Objects’ (second item on the list), then ”Object List’.

3. Scroll down the list until you come to your rectangle (if you have more than one rectangle on the chart, your latest rectangle will be at the bottom of the list). Tick the check box and make sure the whole line is highlighted blue.

4. Click on ‘Edit’ and on the box that appears click on the ‘Parameters’ tab.

5. Insert the ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates you require in the relevant boxes.

If you have any problems after this, let me know and I’ll try to put some screenshots up.