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Gillian Naismith

Hello Rich – I have done another two charts ‘simply’ – the AUDUSD, I thought I only saw one counter-trendline and would be interested to know if, like me, you thought that there weren’t really any others of note as, in a way, it would help me to learn what’s ‘not there’ as well.  The NZDUSD, I didn’t really know if I started the main trendline in the right place but hopefully counter-trendlines may be fine.  Two questions: at what point does a main trendline start off, is it at the beginning of the month? because really my charts here are based on patterns that have already happened.  Also, should counter-trendlines cross through any candlesticks at all (I know the mains don’t)?  Thanks for your help – I’m away a walk now to get away from the screen so I’ll see what you think when I come back!

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