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Gillian Naismith

Hello Rich – thanks for over-marking my chart.  I can see exactly that I should have put the line where you put it now, although at least I remember being aware not to cross into any candlesticks on the way.  Haven’t watched webinar just yet but will do certainly.  A good exercise in positive thinking to be subliminally concentrating on looking for and connecting your ‘highest highs’ and ‘lowest highs’ as it is in life!  Thanks for your encouragement, just felt a bit dim and slow but determined to get the hang of it and I will try another couple charts for posting.  Hello Nigel – I didn’t think for a minute anyone would actually be looking at what I was doing! I feel so far behind.  Thanks indeed for commenting – I’m going to write these level figures down and go and see what you mean, I hope your guesswork was right though.  Thanks to you both for now.