About us

Rich Fitton here. I’m the editor in chief of Trader’s Nest Forex Breakthough Academy. You may well know me from my work on the Trader’s Nest Resource website and my weekly e-letter, Trader’s Nest, that goes out to over 10,000 home traders every week.

The team at Canonbury and I came up with the idea for Forex Breakthrough Academy because we were keen to find a way that my students could learn a profitable strategy they could trade for the long term rather than all the short term solutions that are available right now. This is all about learning a lifetime skill that you can use to earn a full or part time income through trading (from home).

So let me tell you a bit about my background…

I’m 41 years old and live in a leafy corner of England with my partner and three wonderful kids and I started out trading back in 2003.

I quickly moved into currency futures and then went on to spend two years as a full time scalper in the US T-Bond futures.

I started holding some longer term bond positions and then got into trading spreads in the financial and commodity futures off the back of it and that’s where my activities were concentrated until fairly recently when I started to work with Canonbury Publishing Ltd, becoming editor of the aforementioned Trader’s Nest e-letter

I truly believe that by arming you with the right strategy and knowledge I can help you become a successful home trader.

And from my contact with my readers I’m well placed to discover what does (and doesn’t) work for you. That’s why Forex Breakthrough Academy has been designed precisely with you in mind.

Not only is the course strategy delivered in easy to follow steps, I also give you practical exercises to ensure the knowledge you learn actually works in the real world.

I have also added something rather unique to the Academy. A chance for you to talk and share with your fellow Academy students on our private forum. It’ll be a place where you can share your experiences, clarify things you’ve learnt and also just give each other moral support. I’ll be dropping by every day too but I do hope you will help and guide each other too. It’s as much about that as hearing from me!